Nama : Dra. Sa’adiah, M.Pd.
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Bidang : Pengajaran Bahasa Indonesia
Status : PNS
NIP : 195602011986032001
Golongan : IV/A
Jab. Fungsional : Lektor Kepala
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Tentang Dosen :

Saadiah is a lecturer in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Studies Program, FKIP Unsyiah, Banda Aceh. Began working at FKIP Unsyiah in 1986. The subjects covered in the PBSI Study Program are (1) Listening Skills, (2) Speaking Skills, (3) Sociolinguistics, (4) Psycholinguistics, (5) Arabic Indonesian Writing, and (5) ) BIPA (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers). Research conducted among others (1) Level of ruling of reading technique by teacher of SMA Negeri in Aceh Besar District, (2) Student’s ability to understand scece of aceh, (3) Social value analysis in Novel Seulusoh Karya D. Keumalawati. Devotion has ever done, among others, become a structure on teacher certification activities (SMA, SMP, and SD). Workshops that have been participated include Workshops and Workshops for Literacy of Elementary School and Literacy of Junior High School held by USAID Prioritas, BIPA Workshop organized by Jakarta Language Center and International Seminar.