Rajab Bahry

Nama : Dr. Rajab Bahry, M.Pd.
Email : rajab_bahry@unsyiah.ac.id
Bidang : Pengajaran Bahasa Indonesia
Status : PNS
NIP : 195512311985031230
Golongan : IV/C
Jab. Fungsional : Lektor Kepala
Link : http://fsd.unsyiah.ac.id/rajab_bahry/
Tentang Dosen :

Rajab Bahry was born in Blangkejeren 1955. Education MIN Blangkejeren (graduated 1967). Subsequently in succession PGAN 4 Year Kutacane (graduated 1972), PGAN 6 Year Kutacane (graduated 1974), S-1 FK Unsyiah (graduated 1983), S-2 IKIP Jakarta (graduated 1987), and S-3 UPI Bandung (graduated 2000). The first job was taken as an honor teacher in PGA 4 Year Kutacane 1975-1978. Since March 1, 1985 was appointed a permanent lecturer PBSI until now. After the Tsunami event, assigned by Language Center to help the Language Center of Banda Aceh (as PLH) until December 2008. Since 2012 was assigned as Head of Prodi Magister of Indonesian Language and Literature Education PPs Unsyiah. The field of study that was cultivated was reading especially the field of habit and reading interest. The popular art field is the traditional Gayo dance of Saman Dance and has been a Saman dancer since 1975-until 2012. The scientific work that has been produced is Gayo-Indonesia Language Dictionary (published 2011) and Saman, Art from Gayo Land (published 2014) and Gayo Grammar (plan published 2015)